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The opening concert of The Glasgow Barons in 2018 is TONIGHT

Listen to the latest edition of Ignite with Anne Hughes

Rose Room confirmed for Glasgow Jazz Festival 2018

Listen to past editions of The Rave Ward on Mixcloud

Our very own Amanda is taking part in Kiltwalk, raising funds for Sunny G Radio, on Sunday 29th April!

Sunny Govan is pleased to offer radio training on our state of the art, industry standard equipment

Guten Morgen goot-en mor-gen Good Morning Guten Tag goot-en tahk Hello/Good Day Guten Abend goot-en ah-bent Good Evening Gute Nacht goot-eh nakht Good Night Auf Wiedersehen owf vee-dair-zayn Goodbye Tschüs / Tschau tchews / chow Bye! Gehen wir! geh-en veer Let’s go! Bis später biss shpay-ter See you later Bis bald biss bahlt See you […]

Help us cover the European Championships, taking place in Glasgow and Berlin, this August!

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27th March 2018

Music Moments 2018 – Supported by Glasgow Festival 2018

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16th March 2018

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