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Applicants to the Music Technology course may be eligible for Individual Training Account funding – see Skills Development Scotland for details.

Purpose and aims of the Course

The purpose of the National 3 Music Technology Course is to enable learners to develop their knowledge of music technology, and of basic music concepts, particularly those relevant to 20th and 21st century music, through practical learning.

The aims of the Course are to enable learners to:

♦ Develop basic skills in the use of music technology hardware and software to
capture and manipulate audio
♦ Use music technology in sound production
♦ Develop a basic understanding of significant 20th and 21st century musical styles
and genres
♦ Reflect, in simple terms, on their own work and that of others

The practical and experiential nature of the Course gives learners opportunities to work collaboratively, show imagination and creativity, and apply basic technical skills as they use music technology in a variety of ways.

Information about typical learners who might do the Course

This course is suitable for learners with a broad interest in music; the course is practical and experimental in nature and there is considerable scope for personalisation and choice through the contexts for learning. It can be contextualised to suit a diverse range of learner needs, interests and aspirations.

Learners will develop understanding of the basic skills and knowledge required by the music industry. They will also continue to develop a range of transferable skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work.

Course activities also provide opportunities to enhance generic and transferable skills in planning and organising, working independently and in teams, critical thinking and decision making, research, communication and self- and peer-evaluation, in a technological and musical context.

Price £200 

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