Pupils at St Albert’s Primary School with their Sunny G School Radio certificates
Photo: @StAlbertsG41

Sunny G School Radio is a training course from Sunny Govan Community Media; bookings are now being accepted for the 2018/19 academic year.

What is Sunny G School Radio?

School radio provides a unique broadcast platform which allows your students to express their views not only to the school but potentially to a worldwide audience.

Radio has the ability to take pupils away from traditional classroom-based learning, opening up a new way of approaching the curriculum through a series of fun, hands-on and highly stimulating activities. The process of making a great radio show requires pupils to work in teams: planning, researching, script writing, preparing and ultimately performing.

Sunny G School Radio aims to improve the skills of your school’s pupils so they may acquire key attributes such as speaking & listening, ICT, self-confidence, researching and team building – to name but a few!

In addition, our course can help your school meet its curriculum needs in subjects & topics including English, Drama, Maths and inclusion.

Our media-focussed courses are tailored to explore the ‘world of work’, giving children the chance to consider a wide variety of creative and expressive employment opportunities in the future.

From the graphic design of their own radio station logo and promotion of their shows to expanding their digital literacy skills using broadcast technology, pupils will become researchers, presenters, planners, sound engineers and advertisers!


A section from St Albert’s Primary School’s radio programme on sectarianism, June 2018

Benefits of Sunny G School Radio

It improves literacy

Whilst it seems strange to be talking about literacy in radio, students are required to write scripts and prepare for their shows, be they factual or drama-based programmes.

It provides a platform for empowerment

School radio allows your students to discuss the issues that matter to them in a non-confrontational format.

It builds pupils’ confidence

Most people find talking into a microphone in a closed room far less intimidating than appearing on camera or on stage. This allows students to express their views and build their confidence.

It supports the Curriculum for Excellence

All our courses include a range of lesson plans and resources designed to help you use radio to achieve key goals and requirements within the Curriculum for Excellence.


Health & Wellbeing

One of our key objectives is to give young people a voice. This is our duty. Children already have experience of Pupil Councils and Eco Committees where their views and ideas are heard and implemented within the school setting.

We aim to take that further and show them that their opinions matter in the wider world and it is our job as educators to provide them with the skills and belief to become confident, articulate adult contributors.

Drew McCormack, Teacher at St Albert’s Primary


Why Choose Sunny G School Radio?

Your pupils can create their own radio show from start to finish!

Delivered by broadcast professionals, our tailored courses teach radio industry skills; up to thirty pupils and staff can take part and we will bring a complete portable radio station direct to your school.

Pupils will develop the following journalistic and functional skills:

Presentation – Script writing – Research – Team work – Working to deadlines – Speaking & Listening – Addressing an audience – Interviewing – Advertising – Design – Digital literacy

Pupils at St Albert’s Primary School with Sunny G Radio host Steg G
Photo: @StAlbertsG41

From one-day introductory visits to full courses, our packages are all-inclusive with tutoring, equipment, insurance, training materials and pupil certificates all provided.

Our courses work within the constraints of your school’s timetable; amongst the options that you could consider:

• 2 hour radio workshop: an introduction to using portable recorders, PC computers and Audacity audio editing software to create jingles and sound sculptures.
• 2 x 2 hour radio workshops: as above but including the creation of a short, fun, music-based radio show
• 6 x 2 hour workshops: all the above plus additional focus on content planning and discussion topics, i.e. migration, sectarianism or one of your school’s choice. This package also includes location recording and interview techniques, advanced editing and radio production plus use of our Synergy Radio System equipment and a visit to/recording session at Sunny G Radio’s studios.

“I was most impressed with the technical aspects which will certainly give the pupils ownership and will be passing these onto other children. They are now teachers!” – Drew McCormack, Teacher at St Albert’s Primary

“The training provided by Steg was intuitive, value for money and worthwhile.” – Victor Cannon, Teacher at Hollybrook Academy

For more information, please contact us on 0141 445 3741 during office hours or email sunnygovanadmin@gmail.com

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