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Written by on 18th June 2018

Sunny G Radio is looking to work in partnership with local businesses to highlight and promote their services and to become a sponsor of one of our radio shows.

The cost for weekly sponsorship is £25 per week* (which is tax deductible) and can be paid on a weekly basis – whatever suits your budget.

We will create an advert for your company which will get tagged to the start and end of the weekly radio programme you have chosen to sponsor. Your advert will also be repeated throughout the week leading up to the radio programme slot and a key benefit is that we will produce and adapt your advert to suit weekly deals or monthly offers, etc at no cost.

Here are some of the radio programmes & features which could be sponsored:

Steg @ Drivetime (Tuesday & Thursday available)
Helsbells’ Rock Show
Wakey, Wakey! John Doc’s Breakfast Show
House Dimensions
Sunny G Reggae Show
The Rave Ward
My House, Your Disco
Super Gaming Hour

Traffic News
Gig Guides

We also have a portable radio facility which enables us to broadcast live from your premises.

All monies raised goes towards our charitable activities in the community, developing people to reach their full potential.

If you are interested in any of the above or would like further information please call 0141 445 3741 or email sunnygovanadmin@googlemail.com

* Minimum sponsorship four weeks

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