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Episode 4 – Sport In Episode 4 of Aye Lassie Delaina looks at the history of Scottish women in sport. She speaks with contributors Karen Grunwell – post graduate researcher from the University of Stirling – about the history of Scottish women’s football  as well as David Milligan – former roller derby referee for Glasgow […]

Episode 3 – Glasgow Women’s Library In episode 3 Trish and Delaina leave 1928 behind and jump to today to explore some of the legacies the Scottish suffrage campaigners and other social activist left and how modern day women are using their stories as inspiration and motivation. They speak with guest Caroline Gausden from the […]

Episode 2 – Women’s Suffrage In episode 2 Delaina picks up our story about Scottish women’s history in 1850 when women all over the UK campaigned against poor housing condition, limited health services and no representation in Parliament and she finishes in 1928 when after almost 100 years of campaigning, women over 21 got the […]

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2nd March 2019

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Aye Lassie introduces you to Scottish women’s history and the legacies these women left. Trish Caird and Dr Delaina Sepko bring you tales of fierce women and lots of love for what they accomplished. You can find out more by following the Aye Lassie Twitter account.   Aye Lassie – Episode 4 – Sport aired […]

Episode 1 – Two Queens In episode 1 Trish takes you back roughly 500 years to women you’ll all know: Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth 1 of England. Why these women? Because they were queens when monarchs were men, they were highly educated when women could barely read and they played and won […]

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9th August 2018

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