DJ & Nathan

DJ: I came here in August 2015 and we were at school one day and our head teacher came up to a group of us and said “How would you guys like to be on the radio?” and I was like what? So he told us about Sunny Govan and all the rest of it.

Nathan: I came in 2017 and I just wanted to come in and join DJ since he had told me about it.

DJ: Radio presenting wasn’t really a thing I had thought about at first. Y’know I just came down and played some songs from video games I liked and I didn’t think you could play that on the radio. Then I realised you could play music that isn’t in the charts and stuff. I started to like it more then and really choose my songs carefully so people could learn about the music and hopefully take an interest.

Nathan: I wanted to play some good music and talk about video games on the radio. There isn’t really a show like that out there.

DJ: Our show is based on video games but we also talk about different Mangas we have read and Anime we watch. Me and Nathan play a lot of theme songs and soundtracks that are really upbeat and sometimes rock based.

Nathan: We’ve liked video games since we were young.

DJ: Totally! I remember the first game I played was GTA and I probably shouldn’t have at that age. After that I got a hand held SEGA from my mum and I played sonic the hedgehog constantly. When I got a PS2 I started to play Tony Hawk games, SSX, and i’ve been playing ever since.

Nathan: I play video games for fun. I started playing on a PS2 and I would get the WWE games and Dead or Alive 2.

Song Recommendation:
DJ: Daft Punk – One More Timeline
Nathan: Mega Man x3 – One More Time

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