I got involved with Sunny G through a client of mine – I work as a support worker – and we went to a lot of clubs. That’s were we met Paul Mullen who did a show and he would always say “You’ve got to listen to it.” So one day we tuned in and I always remember it, we were driving down the coast and it was a beautiful sunny day and the music was really good! That’s when we started to listen in more and more until eventually me and Shadab would send requests in to Steg’s morning show. Eventually we popped in after a fundraiser and met the team. They asked if we wanted to do a wee show and that was nearly 4 year ago now! It’s been some blast and I just love Sunny G and the diversity of the music.

The show used to be me and Shadab picking songs each but now I just host it on my own. Getting to pick the songs of bands I’ve been to see, a lot of local stuff y’know, and giving them the airtime they deserve it amazing. There is some strange stuff sometimes but it’s a good strange. Me and my mate Marty we go to gigs all the time and sometimes you hear a band as the support and you think “That’s actually really good.” That’s how I kinda decide my playlist. I like to go into gigs sometimes never even hearing the band but because they’ve been recommended to me and that’s a great experience. Playing stuff from my youth is also great because of the different ages of the audience and you’ve got to play a bit of 60s/70s sometimes. Since I was little I always loved music. In the 70s/80s you made your own tapes of course and that was fun. I was also in a band many moons ago.

In the time I have to myself I follow St Roch’s juniors mon the candy!! I go to gigs of course. Recently I’ve got back on my bike and that was thanks to Sunny G through the Pedal Pushers which is just listeners who have come together and created a cycling group. I’m a family man and my three kids are still at school.

Song Recommendation: Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – Buzz

You can catch Kushtii every Tuesday 3pm – 4pm

Sunny G 103.5 FM

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