I came to Sunny G last June (2017) because I had worked in Radio when I was younger and I absolutely loved it then I came to Scotland and I got heavily involved in the club scene and worked in clubs and pubs around Scotland. I went down this route but I always loved radio and wanted to go back to radio and when I listened to Sunny G I just loved it! I thought it was fresh and new, just really exciting! I would listen and think “wow you don’t hear that music anywhere else.”

I wanted to get into radio because I loved it as a medium and I also have a face for radio I think, not really for television.

I moved to Scotland to try it out when I was 22, I wanted to try it out since the world was my oyster and I wanted to travel the world. I was going to go back home but then I saw a newspaper article for a Press Manager job at the Arches and the closing date was the next evening and I was with my friend who said “you could do that!” and off I went and before you know it I was asked for an interview and got the job. I had such a passion for music in Scotland and it has some of the best DJs in the world.

My House Your Disco contains so much more than Disco. I’ll play some Arthur Russell as well! I like to tell a story in my show and at the beginning of my show and I think that’s the most interesting part since it’s a bit obscure and you never get to hear it on mainstream radio. With that is a reason I love Sunny G. The good thing about Sunny G is that you get to find your own sound and you find your style. Sometimes I might even play some hip hop since samples are taken from disco tracks and it adds diversity. #ItsAllDisco

In my spare time I like to go to clubs and socialising with friends, I go to the theatre a lot. Making up disco routines with my pals on a Saturday night.

Song Recommendation: Joubert Singers (Larry Leven Mix) – Stan on the World

You can catch Sandra every Friday 8pm – 10pm

Sunny G 103.5 FM

Your Station, Your Creation