I came in to Sunny G on January this year and we had a chat because I had done some community radio and community arts in Dublin. I’ve worked in inner city communities for over 20 years and get the locals into creative pursuits. I was trying to find community radio on my phone and I came across Sunny G and I thought ‘This is Brilliant! These people are hilarious!’ and I think it was Kushtii and I thought it was very creative and very funny. I love the radio and I have since I was a kid, we always had it on in the house. The connection you get to the community through the radio is great.

The idea of my show is that we have interviews and guests from the arts who are engaging like whether they’re artists or community groups. Just get people in who are creative. We also want to let people know what’s going on in the community in regards to arts like theatre, visual, festivals, and just what is happening in general.

In my spare time I love to listen to the radio and I drink a lot of tea…I love tea. I like to go to comedy clubs, I actually do comedy myself – some sketches and workshops. Billy Connolly in the Olympian, Dublin is probably the best comedy show I’ve ever been to. Dylan Moran is a close second, he’s an Irish comedian that stays in Edinburgh.

Song Recommendation: The Beatles – Revolution

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